What Am I Doing? - Quilters Guild of Ireland 'Keep Well' Project

So, I've been piecing houses, trees and gardens today for the QGI's project to support a creative project launched by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) and I wanted to share this with you. As part of the Government's Plan for LIving with Covid-19, the 'Keep Well' campaign aims to promote individual and community resilience.

The idea is to encourage us to just switch off and be creative - and I mean, how bad? - and also to create quilts, which will be used to benefit mental health and women's shelters. So, my lovely blocks (only 5 as yet but I hope to make a couple more) finish at 10" square and will go off to their eminences on Mount QGI to be made into quilts. I've really enjoyed making these blocks and it's such a lovely project to be part of!

If you want to get involved there's still time! Blocks need to be completed by the end of March, so for more information about the project and the campaign head to www.quilltersguildofireland.com and click on the banner about the project at the top of the page.

Many thanks to all those responsiblefor dreaming up the project and especially to the amazing Mary Palmer (www.marimudesigns.com) for not only designing the blocks but also producing excellent illustrated instructions and even videos, which are available on the QGI YouTube channel.