What Am I Doing?- Modern Mystery Quilt

Modern Mystery Quilt by Mary Ann Browne

This fun challenge isn't too much of a mystery really, as Mary Ann has already published 2 articles and 4 of the blocks on this in the IPS Newsletter. We are having regular Zoom meetings to watch her take us through the process – she’s a great teacher – and to encourage us. We can vary the scale from 60”x70” to 30”x35” to 15”x17.5”. Although I’ve done some prep work I haven’t actually started sewing yet but I plan use the one quarter scale. And I’m working it in silk – I seem to be in a bit of a silk phase! 

Updates to come but the colour palette is set : The background will be shades of grey with perhaps some black (depends on the effect, I don't want to overwhelm it) and the elements will be golds and oranges. The palette is actually inspired by a phase of the moon when the moon is a full coppery orange colour against a sky shaded from inky black to soft grey. Here in the East Cork countryside there's very little light pollution to dim the effect, which is simply magical. I did try to take a photograph but my phone just wasn't up to the job, I'm afraid. The silk is just perfect for it. Well, it always is! I can't wait to get stuck in but I HAVE to make progress with my other projects before I allow myself that treat. Hope to show you some progress soon!