What Am I Doing? - EQA Picture Swap Challenge

I've been so busy with preparation for the Row by Row quilt that I almost forgot to update you about the EQA Picture Swap Challenge. This was finally completed and the albums - there are nine of them - went live on the EQA Facebook page,starting last month - check out their page  https://www.facebook.com/EQAEuropeanQuiltAssociation and look for the Picture Exchange EQA Challenge 2021. As I said, there are nine volumes, so this was hugely popular challenge. Both of my efforts happen to be in Volume 1.
I'm so happy I took part in this, it really was a challenge and I had great fun working on both of the pieces.
First of all, here are mine and Anna from Poland's responses to her photo of her cat :

I think that we both went for a playful response to the subject matter, but in very different ways.

And here are mine and Jo's responses to my photograph of the sweet peas in my garden last summer :

For my sweet peas I was really going for colour - I wanted to really get a feeling of sweet peas when I looked at my piece. I think I managed it. I love the way Jo's piece reflects the intricate entanglement of the stems and leaves, with the raindropssparkling on them.

What I love about all of the pairings in the challenge is how, in almost every case, the responses are completely different and yet reflect and amplify the subject matter in really interesting and beautiful ways. Would do again!