Tracy's Row by Row Block of the Month

Hello, lovely quilters!

Here's news of my new Block of the Month, starting October 

This Summer I've been working on my “And Pretty Blocks All in a Row” quilt, and I’ve developed a pattern and instructions to share with you in a Block of the Month format.

I’ve formulated the BOM to appeal to the Beginner and the more Experienced Quilter alike, with simpler options and more challenging choices each month, so that each quilt should be completely different and special to you. I hope everyone will find something to appeal and enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                 

I really hope you like the quilt and will come and join me each month to create beautiful blocks using different techniques.

What is a Row by Row Block of the Month Quilt? 

A Row by Row quilt is simple in construction as it is comprised of rows of a single block or type of block, which are sewn together to form a quilt top. But as each row features a different block there is great scope for creativity, learning a range of techniques and putting in your own creative twist.

This Block of the Month Row by Row Quilt aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – each month there will be a different block to sew in multiples to create a row of the quilt and our quilts will grow each month, Row by Row.

What to Expect from this Block of the Month     

  • Duration   This block of the Month Project will run for nine months from October 2021 to June 2022.
  • Structure   At the beginning of each month the Patterns and Instructions for that month’s Row will hit your Inbox and at the end of each month we will have a live chat.                            
  • Pattern and Video Instruction   At the beginning of each month you will receive extensive and fully illustrated notes, pattern, templates and instructions for a block to form a row plus a variation. You will also receive a link to a video, which will take you through the process of making each block. 
  • Live Chat   At the end of each month, we will have a scheduled Zoom meeting for an hour or so, for a Q&A and a show and tell of that month’s blocks. 
  • Choice!   For your delight and delectation, choice and variety are built into each month’s designs, so that you can personalize the quilt and really make the design your own. 
  • Prize Draw!   As a little ‘quilty’ carrot to help you stay engaged with the project, a prize draw will be held in the final Zoom session at the end of June for some lovely spools of thread from my stock. 
  • Cost    €12.50/month when paying monthly or €100 for the whole nine months when paying up front. Payment is by Bank Transfer, Cheque or cash, if you live close enough! Payment by PayPal can be arranged if preferred.
  • When do we get started?   The instructions and link to the video for Month 1 will be emailed to you at the beginning of October – the first Monday of the month. In Month 1 we’ll not only get started on the pattern, but we will also talk about materials and equipment, colour and fabric choice - so essentially, Month 1 includes your ‘Bring List’!

Any questions? You will be able to sign up on the Classes page shortly or you can email me via the website or DM me on Facebook

What’s not to love? Come and join me on this journey, Row by Row