Stained Glass Clerical Stole

In my head I can hear Annie Lennox warbling "Walking on, walking on broken gla-a-asss", because that's exactly what the stained glass window panels on this stole remind me of.This is the very simplest form of Stained Glass Window Patchwork possible - stright lines and random shapes - but using silk in glorious colours raises it to another level entirely.

The design was inspired by an image representing the beautiful and historic St Coleman's Cathedral, Cloyne - a silhouette with a simple stained glass window. I loved it and saw immediately that it would lend itself to a patchwork treatment somehow. When I started talking to the Rev'd Susan Green, Dean of Cloyne about making an ordinary time stole, it was an obvious starting point. 
The stole front is pieced from pure silk dupion with black craft cotton 'leads', the backing is craft cotton, and the stole is hand finished for a crisp, firm edge. I called it, simply, "Stained Glass".
I love how it came out and I hope Susan enjoys it. Here she is, modelling the stole on the step of St John the Baptost Church, Midelton.