Breaking Records - Diary of a Quilt #2

I have cut out all of the 300 pieces required for the 25 ‘records’ that I’m going to sew to make up this quilt. Woohoo! It took a while, but don’t they look amazing, all stacked and ready to go? That really does not look like a day’s work!


Each 12” block is made up of 4 modified Drunkard’s Path blocks and contains 12 pieces, or patches, in all. The plan is to sew all of the backgrounds to all of the ‘records’ before moving on to sewing the centres. I’ve cut a few more of each of the centre fabrics than I need, so I can curate and be flexible as the design comes together, so that I can achieve a good balance of light and shade…I think that yellow is going to POP….but maybe in a good way!

Stay tuned for the next instalment…