Breaking Records - Diary of a Quilt #1

Well, it can’t be more than 8 or 9 years since my brother expressed a wish for a quilt, so I felt it was probably about time a made one for him. Since he first requested a quilt, he’s met his soulmate and bought a house with him….about 2 years ago…..gained a cat (with the house) and, most recently, a dog! So this quilt will serve as a (very) belated housewarming gift for them both and let's hope it doesn't end up in the dog's basket!.

In all seriousness, it is embarrassing how long it’s taken to get around to it, so I’m delighted to do it now. After a conversation (or two) the brief is : a lap or throw quilt with a music theme, quirky but not too cutesy. Perfect!

So, my idea is to use a modified Drunkard’s Path block to form vinyl records (probably 33rpm?!), not all of them forming a perfect circle….and not just because my sewing technique leaves a little to be desired! I have 2 or 3 black tone on tone prints to make the records and 9 prints to make the record labels. The colour scheme was actually determined by the guitar and sheet music prints which both have teal coloured backgrounds with yellow and orange featuring in the print. I also found a fab fun welly print to throw into the mix – representing the Glastonbury Festival, which the lads have been to numerous times.

The colour palette is set. My templates are created. I have my plan. The fabric is ready to cut. Here we go!